Why is khomus becoming popular in your region and other internet places?

I also see that, and that's why I am conducting research that can contribute to the knowledge and global khomus community. Please check my PhD research page for updates.

Do you sell khomuses? How can I purchase khomuses?

I used to have a shop along with my khomus teaching school, DOBUN KHOMUS, from 2011 to 2013. Currently, due to the political situation, importing Sakha khomuses has become impossible. However, there is a market in Europe that sells khomuses from other cultures.

Do you still teach how to play khomus?

Yes, I occasionally teach khomus playing techniques remotely. In this situation, my book "Khomus i moi Mir" has been a great supplement for self-study. If you're interested in taking classes, please drop me an email.

Where can I listen to your music? 

My album "Aptaakh Khomus" will be available on streaming platforms very soon, and in the meantime, you can purchase it on Bandcamp. Additionally, you can listen to my other works as UDAGAN and collaborations on my Discography page.

Where can I learn about your culture and the Sakha people?

You can read my blog posts about my indigenous culture on UDAGANuniverse and the blog post page. I write blog articles on both channels, and you can follow my social media for updates.